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OneMK Reporter 3 Dec 2013 at 11:13 By OneMK Reporter

Santa covers approximately 316,899,308 miles over Christmas, much of which is covered in snow, so it’s important he refreshes his snowboarding skills before his busiest time of year.

This December Santa has been invited to get some practice in at Snozone Milton Keynes before his Christmas World Tour. Being the kind hearted fellow that he is, Santa has agreed to meet children in the snow every Saturday and Sunday from 7th – 22nd and Monday 23rd December, but only on the condition that his two favourite reindeer are able to bring him along on his first day.

It sounds like an ‘elf and safety nightmare, but not wanting to let Santa down, Snozone has agreed to let Rudolph and Dancer chaperone Santa on Saturday 7th December. The real reindeer will begin their journey outside the Xscape MK Front Piazza at 10:30am and pull Santa’s sleigh through the Xscape mall and into the snowy wonderland at Snozone.

Elena Kale, Marketing Manager for Snozone says: “As Santa does this big expedition only once a year, it’s important that he refreshes his snowboarding skills and knowledge so he has the confidence to travel all those millions of miles expected of him at Christmas. Only the best snow will do for Santa and here at Snozone we have the best snow in the country.”

The friendly reindeer will stay onsite in the snow until 2:30pm on Saturday 7th December and everyone is welcome to come along and meet them for FREE in the petting area on the slopes.

For more information about meeting Santa in the snow with or without a sledging experience, please visit

If, like Santa, you would like to brush up your skiing or snowboarding skills before your next trip, Snozone offers refresher packages and guaranteed Learn in a Day or Fast Track Learning packages to help you learn fast and ensure you are fully capable to hit the mountains. Visit to find out more.

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