Network Rail admit level crossing near Milton Keynes is causing a headache

01/10/13 Woburn rail crossing - woburn sands, mk
Cars back up at Woburn Sands level crossing
  01/10/13 Woburn rail crossing - woburn sands, mk Cars back up at Woburn Sands level crossing

OneMK Reporter 3 Apr 2014 at 19:03 By OneMK Reporter

A NETWORK Rail project leader has admitted that he does not know how to solve the riddle of closing a level crossing in a town near Milton Keynes.

As previously reported by MKWeb in October last year, up to ten trains an hour could be using the line going through Woburn Sands and Bow Brickhill, which could see level crossings down for a lot longer than they currently are.

Network Rail set up a railway crossing task force to look into solutions for closing level crossings, and while staff believe they have a solution for Bow Brickhill, Woburn Sands is proving problematic,

Charles Hurst, Network Rail project manager who is looking at level crossings, said: “It is very difficult to tell what is going to happen and there is no obvious solution.

“When we get a solution we will consult with everybody.”

He added that ideas have included building a bridge, while one scheme put forward by residents involved a bridge and creating a new road.

The plan for Bow Brickhill is to build a bridge and close the level crossing, but residents have said they do not want this in place until the situation at Woburn Sands is resolved.

That is because villagers fear a lot more traffic on the road going in and out of Bow Brickhill, with commuters preferring to go on a route that does not involve a level crossing barrier potentially being down.

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