Two Milton Keynes pug dogs get married in £2,000 wedding ceremony

(L-R) Julian Reynolds with Clive Phillips and Christine Reynolds with bride Betty and groom Albert at their pug wedding, Northampton, June 8 2014..The wedding has been organised by Christine Reynolds.
  (L-R) Julian Reynolds with Clive Phillips and Christine Reynolds with bride Betty and groom Albert at their pug wedding, Northampton, June 8 2014..The wedding has been organised by Christine Reynolds.

OneMK Reporter 9 Jun 2014 at 17:42 By OneMK Reporter

A MILTON Keynes owner’s love-struck pet pugs got married in a £2,000 ceremony - complete with wedding dresses and tuxedos.

Betty dazzled in a £100 custom-made white dress while Albert donned a smart tux complete with a trilby and a bow tie.

Instead of exchanging wedding rings on their fingers, they attached them to their collars.

The pampered pair fell head over tail in love after meeting as puppies and became inseparable.

Their owner Christine Reynolds, 52, a dog groomer and hairdresser from Walnut Tree, said: “I know what people must think.

“I am barking mad, but I know my pugs are in love so getting them married seem like the right thing to do.

“Now that they are married they can sleep in the same bed and hopefully have some puppies together.”

Christine bought Albert, now two, in 2012 to keep her elderly cocker spaniel, Hester, company.

One year later she bought Betty, now aged one, and the pair hit it off instantly.

The pampered pooches were constantly eating from the same bowl, snuggling on the sofa, washing each other and following each other around adoringly.

So Christine planned a beautiful white wedding at Kitz-Katz cattery in Desborough, Northamptonshire on Sunday (June 8).

Incredibly, a week before the big day the pug couple had a hen night and stag do at a The Swan Inn in Milton Keynes Village.

Albert wore a suit, and Betty donned an L plate and bunny ears as she danced the night away with her doggy pals while drinking dog-friendly cocktails.

Christine said: “Both dogs had a great time. It was their last night of single life.

“Luckily neither dog was unfaithful, and they were both happy to snuggle up together at the end of the night in their beds.”

Leading up to the big day, Betty had her nails done and her fur trimmed.

Dressed in a white gown with matching wedding lingerie, a diameter-studded veil and holding a bouquet of flowers in her mouth, Betty walked down the aisle to the traditional wedding march.

While Albert looked dapper in a tux, complete with a small trilby and a bow-tie as he strutted his stuff down the aisle with his Best Dog, Doodles, to UB40’s song Here I Am.

Christine and owner of the Best Dog, Clive Phillips, 76, said special doggy vows on behalf of each canine.

Incredibly, doggy vicar Ann Clark, 58, owner of Kitz-Katz cattery, then pronounced the pampered pair dog and wife after they exchanged wedding rings - which they attached to their collars.

They were then walked back down the aisle to UB40’s I’ve Got You Babe as guests threw dog confetti over them.

The happy couple and their doggy friends then danced the night away in a hotel nearby, complete with a dog cake for doggy guests and a human cake for their owners.

Christine said: “They are such a cute couple. Albert is a gentleman and always looks after Betty.

“As we were doing the vows I started tearing up, it was so beautiful.

“I know people might think I’m a bit mad, but I love my dogs and they are so in love a wedding seemed like the right thing to do.

“My kids are all grown up and they find it hilarious. But I am pug-obsessed.

“My whole house is covered in pug photos, pug decorations, pug pillows and pug duvets. They are just so sweet.’

Meanwhile, her long-suffering-husband, Julian Reynolds, 43, said: “It’s all bonkers.”

Watch their wedding ceremony here.

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