Tesco’s shoppers support Bletchley Lions Club’s chosen charity

OneMK Reporter 10 Jan 2014 at 19:17 By OneMK Reporter

A COMMUNITY organisation in Bletchley was overwhelmed with shoppers helping to fill trollies for the Food Cupboard.

The Food Cupboard is a charitable organisation based at St Mary’s Church, Bletchley, which provides food packages for families who have been highlighted by social services as vulnerable and struggling to afford food.

Before Christmas shoppers at the area’s Tesco store were encouraged by the Lions Club to help fill a trolly of food to support the charity and the families that it helps.

The Lions Club are one of the world’s largest community service organisations with four bases in Milton Keynes.

The base in Bletchley has been supporting the Food Cupboard for the last four years.

At the event ten trollies were filled and £460 was raised with some shoppers donating full bags of shopping while others gave financial gifts.

The community service organisation which has 1.3 million members in more than 200 countries also gave £500 to the Food Cupboard to enable them to build up their stock.

Mike Bartlett, 68, secretary of Lions Club Bletchley and the event organiser said: “With the ten trollies and the financial gifts we helped more than 50 families.

“Volunteers enjoyed the day as it is one of our favourite events that gets us involved with the people in Bletchley.

“We can remind the community what we do and why we are here.”

Since being found in 1969, the club has been providing services to local, national and international courses.

Volunteers donate their time to raise money and to offer services and support.

The clubs next major event is the Rock Chorus at Stantonbury Campus on March 15 that all residents are invited to.

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