Mental health unit The Campbell Centre, in Milton Keynes, failing to meet national standards

Garden at The Campbell Centre
  Garden at The Campbell Centre

OneMK Reporter 19 Mar 2014 at 09:32 By OneMK Reporter

A MENTAL health centre in Milton Keynes is not meeting essential standards - according to a new report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The centre provides services for people with severe or enduring mental health issues, but the CQC report has highlighted a number of serious problems.

Enforcement action has been taken after it was found that the care and welfare of people who used the services, the assessment and monitoring of service provision and the safety and suitability of the premises were in ‘serious breach’.

Further action was also needed to adress problems in respecting the people who used the service, safeguarding patients from abuse and the management of its medicines.

The inspection was conducted on November 28, eight months into an 18-month turnaround programme by the Central and North West London (CNWL) NHS Foundation Trust - who took over operations at the 38-bed inpatient unit in April 2013.

The report states: “There were inadequate systems in place to ensure that staff responded appropriately if a patient was unwell. Patients’ physical health was not always fully assessed.

“There was a recent unexpected death in the unit. This patient had been on the general (hourly) observations list in the days leading up to their death. However on the day of their

death their name had been missed off the general observations list. The inquest had not been concluded at the time of our inspection.

“We reviewed the provider’s most recent ligature risk and safety visit document. This document confirmed that outstanding actions which were

observed during our inspection were still awaiting completion. The risks were categorised as a high or medium to high risk.”

But CNWL has said that it has already invested £1.85m in the Campbell Centre, and that staff were working hard to try and improve standards.

Changes that had been introduced since the last CQC inspection included the creation of separate male and female wards and increasing staffing levels.

The organisation also said it ‘accepted the CQC’s conclusions’ and that they have already started to implement an action plan.

Claire Murdoch, chief executive, said: “We accept the CQC’s judgements and apologise to patients and families who feel let down.

“Our staff will feel that too; we’re proudly NHS and want services to be the best they can be. Safety is our top priority and we’re investing in it but that’s a dented claim when Inspectors don’t see accurate paperwork, training up to date and recorded, and every legality and protection observed - something, as a nurse myself, I know very well.

“CQC Inspectors can come here at any time to check but I rely on the ‘inspectors’ here every day, our staff, to deliver the standards they would want their own relatives to receive. We will deliver improvements.”

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